New here? Curious about Clean Language and metaphor? Click to play the video below.

Then, follow the links in the menu. And enjoy your journey of discovery…

I’m delighted to see you here – because I’m passionate about introducing you to the worlds of Clean Language and metaphor (the kind of metaphor which drives your thoughts and behaviour at a very profound level).

Please make yourself at home and feel free to look around.Β I hope you like what you see.

If you’ve come here via a Google search you might be wondering why there’s so much material here. After all, isn’t Clean Language just 12 simple questions?

The truth is, there’s a whole lot more to discover! Clean Language has hidden depths. That’s what makes it one of the most effective change technologies yet devised – it can “make change happen, whatever happens”. It also helps to illuminate a new understanding of the way people and their minds actually work.

I’m Judy Rees. I’m the co-author of Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors And Opening Minds and I’ve been using Clean Language in business and in coaching for about ten years. I’ve taught hundreds of people how to use it to change their own lives and the lives of the people they serve – and I want to get it out to as many people as I can. That’s why I’ve set up this site and made it completely free.

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  • Looks good Judy.

  • Denise Dodson says:

    Thank you for doing this!

  • Emil Capone says:

    Hello Judy,
    What a superb idea…
    Cogratulations and all the best.

  • Judy Rees says:

    Thanks everyone! It’s been a fairly solitary journey up to this point, so I’m delighted to be sharing the next phase with you!

  • John Gill says:

    Hi Judy looks the part, all that hard work could be due for pay back!!

  • giulio pravato says:

    Nice looking, ‘Clean and simple’ registration and website (like all the best, functional websites). Thanks Judy.

  • Pedro Di Giacomo says:


  • Jose Luis Bilba says:


  • Keithanthony Taylor says:

    Thanks Judy I have just joined then of course immediately I looked for a recommend button to send a link to my chosen few, after all I wouldn’t want such POWER to get into the wrong hands.

    Please add a prominent recommend button.

    many regards

    Keithanthony Cht

  • Judy Rees says:

    Good idea, Keithanthony! Share buttons now sorted thanks to the wonderful John Morgan.

  • Phillip Ryan says:

    Hi Judy,

    Thank you so much for all your hard work and providing such a great rescource for us all
    I can’t wait to learn i’m sure it will help me build upon the things i learned from reading your book

    Phill ;0)

  • philip salt says:

    You’re being a role model – offering value. May your gesture come back to you many times. Thank you for sharing this great resource. Be well. Phil

  • Hamish Annan says:

    Hi Judy,

    I have only looked through a few videos, but the content is fantastic. Thank you.

  • Bev Martin says:

    What a great opportunity to learn Clean, thank you Judy!

  • christian simon says:

    Hello Judy

    I ve already been trained about clean langage , it will be a good opportunity to re-discover it πŸ™‚
    Thank you


  • Wendy Nieuwland says:

    Wow, what an incredible amount of work you’ve put into this! The new website looks refreshed and very ‘clean’!
    A rich resource for people who want to start off learning to use Clean Language in their work. I feel sorry for the Dutchies who will still have to make do with our nowhere near as instructive website!

  • Judy Rees says:

    Thanks everyone for your warm wishes! And thanks in particular to Wendy: guys, this woman is one of the leading Clean Language facilitators in The Netherlands and really knows her stuff.
    I’m delighted to have a fair few “Dutchies” on board this project – I know you all speak English really πŸ™‚

  • Jos Wielink says:

    hmmm, getting really curious, even more so after James Tripp advised your book in some of his writings. So really thanks for doing this!

  • Colin Priest says:

    Hi Judy: As an ex-Brit living in Canada, I’m enjoying your style and your smarts. You do have global appeal.

    Looking forward to learning more about Clean Lang. Already tried the Jedi questions to great effect.

    Keep up the good work. Colin

  • Brenda Paris says:

    This is so great, I feel really lucky to be a part of this.

  • Sharon Yates says:

    Looks great. Thank you for the opportunity to learn more.

  • Abel Jimenez says:

    I cannot say much yet, but it sounds interesting.

  • peter lennig says:

    Hello Judt
    Great website . Gratualations and all the best in every aspect to You.
    looking forward to meet up in the not so distant future.

  • Neil Hitchcox says:

    Having just purchased the book, Clean Language, I am quite excited to find this web site. I found it through James Tripp’s blog, where he mentions the talk on Clan Language on the 4th of April. with you self. Looking forward to the adventure.
    You have done an excellent job of the web site, it is very clean 😎

    All the best Judy, I know it will go well for you.

  • Judy Rees says:

    Welcome! A particular welcome to those who’ve arrived here thanks to James Tripp and Andy Smith. Details of my live teleseminar on 4 April with James Tripp are now available here: http://learncleanlanguage.com/learn/6-special-offers/events/

  • Scott Downs says:

    Great stuff, Judy. You know I am a huge fan. Looking forward to passing this on to many of my friends and network contacts.

    All my best for continuing growth and abundance in your amazing work.

  • Don French says:

    Great stuff Judy.

    There are a few therapists who use ‘clean language’ here in Northern Ireland so with your help I hope to add to that list.


  • harald rothermel says:

    HI JUDY.

  • harald rothermel says:


  • Brian Clarke says:

    Came here after reading your book and found it very effective, delighted to find your site so welcoming – wishing you great success.

  • Ann Craig says:

    Hi Judy, I received an email asking me to confirm my subscription by clicking on a link and it has taken me back to this site but no where for me to confirm my details and permission??Is there a different link?Can you re-send? Cheers, Ann

  • Judy Rees says:

    Ann, clicking the link confirms your subscription, so you have confirmed. I’ll see what I can do to make that clearer.

  • Brian McKinney says:

    I like the site, and I like the program. I’d like it better if you hadn’t advertised it with


    in the subject line of your email. It is really poor practice if your target is, as it seems to be, literate people. See


    You’re better than this.

  • Judy Rees says:

    Fair point Brian – though the link you reference doesn’t seem to be working at the moment. The reason for the misspelling, for what it’s worth, is that the word “free”, correctly spelt, will trigger spam filters. In fact, I don’t think my email system will allow me to send them at all.

  • cecily paterson says:

    Hi Judy,
    I am so interested in this whole thing. Thanks for such a great resource. I’ve written about it on my blog here: http://cecilypaterson.squarespace.com/thinking/2012/3/27/communicate-better-with-clean-language.html
    Hopefully you’ll get more people signing up!

  • Jack Austin says:

    I’m excited Judy, the site looks great. Testimonial “spot on” as they say. Good on you!

  • Wilson Aragao says:

    I read your book and I liked it very much. I believe the teleseminar will provide the means of better using its principles in the real world.

  • June MacDonald says:

    I think its just great!

  • Philip Barlow says:

    Much needed honing of a tool I have been using with great effect in my role as a drug councillor.

  • The Laurence says:

    I am really impressed with this site and you seem like a completely sincere person who really feels like they want to spread the message about Clean Language. It’s a great site and the only suggestion I would bring is perhaps adding some kind of discussion forum where people could discuss Clean Language together and discuss questions about it. As it stands though this site is amazing! Thanks for this resource.

  • Thanks Laurence, good idea but a bit beyond my technical competence at the moment. I have put a questions area in each of the sections – please feel free to ask and discuss there.

  • Christopher Cody says:

    Dear Judy…
    What an imaginative, powerful, creative and intuitive woman you are. I am honored to be here learning from you via this on-line class. Thank you so very much.

  • Michele Taylor says:

    Blown away by your generousity – and can’t wait to get exploring! Thanks!

  • Bob Gorman says:

    “It’s like DIY brain imaging.”
    What does DIY mean?

  • Judy Rees says:

    Fair question, Bob! DIY = Do It Yourself

  • Bob Gorman says:

    Judy wrote: Fair question, Bob! DIY = Do It Yourself
    Thanks Judy,
    This is something I do a LOT!
    I guess it’s my automatic resistance to authorities…

  • Gabrielle Kilgore says:


    I was wondering what the cost of a 1:1 session might be? I’m just getting introduced to clean language over the course of the past few weeks and as I’m preparing to start my private practice I have been looking for something to get excited about!! This is it, I feel it but am still so new to this I’m curious as to how exactly ‘it’ looks in conversation.

    Thanks so much,

  • Judy Rees says:

    Hi Brie, and welcome! The cost of a 1-1 session varies wildly – there are many people who are learning and want to practice on people for free, while others (like me) do it as our main occupation and so look to charge rather more. Mostly people who work with me do so as part of a coaching programme, where we’re working together over, say, three months to get a particular result (such as getting a coaching practice up, running and making money).

    And, I want everyone who comes to this site to have a good, solid experience of Clean Language from the client point of view, so I offer a 20-minute sample session, over skype, for Β£37. Details are here: http://learncleanlanguage.com/learn/6-special-offers/

  • Robin Scutt says:

    thanks – found your site via ‘Cecily mostly’.

  • Natalie Baum says:


  • June MacDonald says:

    This is great. I like that I can access this site any-time of the day or night. I like that I am learning something unique and new. It is very interesting. Thank you so much for this wonderful site and all its great information.

    J. MacDonald

  • irlan rahardja says:

    Hi Judy,

    It seems to be interesting for coaching.
    thank you

    warm regards,

    irlan rahardja

  • Alison Bailey says:

    I am really enjoying the excercises and challenges.

  • Nina Larsen says:

    Is this where you want the feedback from the free clean language course? Thankyou for all the amazing things I have received from you from the clean language course, and your rich newsletter. I have trained to level 4 with Wendy and been practising with a clean buddy for about a year. I have enjoyed doing clean more conversational through your course, and for my son who has an autism diagnosis, asking the two lazy jedi questions without the full syntax, helps him to easy find the thread in his own thinking and express himself very fluently. I had given up on clean with him because he hated the full syntax I was using, and trying to help him express himself more fully using “recovering deletions” with the NLP meta model is much more taxing on him. Thankyou for sharing so freely.