1.2 Who Uses Clean Language?

Podcast Interviews

Judy Rees interviews…

Nancy Doyle: Using Clean With Dyslexic Adults
Caitlin Walker: Using Clean To Resolve Conflicts And Boost Results In Education
Julie McCracken: How Clean Language Helps Parents, Teachers and Children

Archive Blogs

Michael Mallows: Using Clean In An Architects’ Practice

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  • inspiring stuff!

  • Kim Harvey says:

    I’m from New Zealand, and it’s a shame David Grove isn’t acknowledged here in learning intitutions, and that his work is largely unknown. This is truly ground-breaking, pure and astounding stuff…..and so practical in any context. Thank you for making it so accessible!

  • Joan Havemann says:

    Found interview with Nancy very interesting — thank you. Link to Caitlin doesn’t seem to be working though …

  • Judy Rees says:

    Thanks Joan, now fixed.

  • Luther Ferreira says:

    Very, very good and helpful. Thank you

  • Barry Shaw says:

    Thanks for the fascinating interview with Julie McCracken. Listening to how she has developed the thinking of children in the school environment is terrific, and one wonders of the impact this type of practical application could have throughout education and also in dealing generally with young people? Anyone still putting off listening to these interviews – just do it – you’ll be glad of the decision..

  • Simon Bishop says:

    The Caitlin Walker video is a real inner eye opener.wow!