1.6 Your Goals

  • What would you like to have happen?
  • What kind of difference would you like to make by using Clean Language?
  • And is there anything else about that difference?

Asking yourself those questions – and listening to your own answers – will help you to learn Clean Language, and to use it in real life.

That’s because:

  • You’ll be starting to tap in to your own unique motivation. What you would like won’t be identical to what others would like. Your motivation is what really motivates you.
  • You’ll be already practising asking the most important Clean Language questions: the 2 Lazy Jedi Questions.
  • You’ll start off on the right foot, in the right direction for you. When you know what you want, it’s much easier to go for it (and for other people to help you)!

Please ask yourself those questions – and share your answers with others.

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  • J. Crit Harley says:

    Introduction: I am J. Crit Harley, MD, C.Ht. in USA.
    I appreciate your making information this readily available.
    Have read your book, which is very useful.
    I want to improve my Clean Language skills.

  • john kelly says:

    My Name is jack, I do nursing at times, my specialty is communications, mental health, and biofeedback. I learn and teach about breathing and heart rate variability at this time seeking to do more. I am also taking a coaching class online for my building my business…and I am very interested in strategic listening for my business and using clean language to unfold . And part of my assignment for this week is to transform who I am being, commit to a vision or supra-ordinate goals, and create and adaptive vision plan/option for my living, dreams, knowledge, profession, harmonious balancing, health and wellness, travel/movement, ecology/economy, and energetic future.

    What I would like to have happen?

    I would like to become more aware, appreciating the process,and come to accept the awesomeness of the potential within.
    And what kind of Aware is that Aware? it seems to be a creative unfolding process that is both awesome in potential and within my appreciating.
    Is there anything more about this creative unfolding process that is both awesome in potential and and within appreciating its awesome potential? Certainly, it is a creative uncovering of the presence of Being, standing naked and feeling rich!
    And what kind of uncovering of presence of Being standing naked and feeling rich is that uncovered presence of Being? A creative unfolding process that is both awesome in potential, within my awareness, acceptance and appreciation! something like that!

    Love this site for info http://www.cleanlanguage.co.uk, I have trainers training in NLP, studied some in Neurosemantics, and Coordinated Management of Meaning, and of course, traditional Ericksonian Hypnosis.

    for the moment I am just going with the flow….and enjoying what is being offered! thanks

  • Jos Wielink says:

    Introduction: I’m Jos from Holland. Working @ ‘de Baak’, a really awesome organisation that is active in the field of learning and leadership. Social media is the field I’m working in, which I really like, and I’m even more interested in learning to learn and the facilitation of a learning process. So that brings me here. I’m intrigued with NLP for a while, but did not follow a practicioner course yet. Later on I also started to get really curious about Hypnosis. Finally I’m taking the first steps in learning it. Which is a really exciting proces.

    What would I have to happen? Somehow that’s a huge question to me.

    So what I would like to have happen while learning Clean Language is that I learn to use it in the everyday context. outside and inside my job, because I recently discovered that is the best way to learn things. So what I would like to happen is that I get some usefull knowledge with a lot of tips for practical use that’s not limited to a therapeutic context.

    And ‘what I would like to have happen as a result of learning clean language with this site’, is that I can do a better job at coaching people in telling their unique story of life. Online and offline.
    So as a result I’ll be way better in letting people explore their own inner world so they’ll be way more motivated to do whatever it is they come up with themselves.
    The other thing is that I would like to have happen is to learn communicate with people in such a way they will feel better. Also I would like to really learn how to deliver a message more adapted to their map of the world. What I also would like to have happen is to get greater insight in the usage of methaphors in my own inner dialogue and in my dialogue with others. I could go on for a while, but I think this is enough for today 🙂

    What I would like to have happen to improve this site… Hmm, that’s a bit early to talk about. It’s already a very nice present that you do this,.

    Beyond this site: Ehr, of course there’s a lot of stuff that’s very interesting. Something about framing, about hypnosis, about nlp, about learning and the facilitation of it, about effective communication.
    Events: It’s probably interesting to set up some group webinars for people who would like to practice with each other. Or to give people an easy tool to invite each other to set up such a thing. When this get’s a bit popular you can even think about setting up real life events. There’s a lot of possibilities here.

    Best Wishes!

  • Jos Wielink says:

    In addition to my last post, an idea for beyond this site and as an addition to what’s happening here, is to set up a community on Yammer. it’s free and it delivers smooth interaction between participants in a closed ‘safe’ environment.

  • James Stibbs says:


    What Would You Like To Have Happen?

    Please use this space to introduce yourself and say what you would like to have happen:

    • While learning Clean Language with this site

    • As a result of learning Clean Language with this site

    • To improve this site

    • Beyond this site. Are there other learning materials/services/events you would like?


    • What Would I Like To Have Happen While Learning Clean Language With This Site?

    My name is James Stibbs in Houston, Texas USA.

    I am a Marketing Consultant. I help companies increase their profits by as much as 30% quickly and easily, because I have a series of Marketing Campaigns that have been proven extremely effective for dozens of different industries. By customizing these Campaigns for my clients, they can produce Great results almost immediately.

    What I would like to have happen while learning Clean Language with this site is to fully understand, learn, assimilate, integrate and habituate the entire questioning system into my mind and physiology in order to formulate a way to help my prospects clearly see that what I am offering them is the best solution for their business and for myself.

    • What would I like to have happen as a result of learning Clean Language with this site?

    What I would like to have happen as a result of learning Clean Language with this site is to learn it all, to master it all and to come up with innovative ideas on what else can I use it on besides the obvious.


    • To Improve This Site:

    To improve this site, first of all, I would provide answers to the following questions to EVERYBODY who comes to the website and whomever You correspond with:

    A. You should answer the question that the consumer is asking, “Why Should I Use This information/technology?” Your answers need to have BENEFITS – [Example: This information will help You come up with the solutions you may be looking for, bring you happiness, make you more attractive, save you time, make life easier, save or earn you money] – or something like that.

    B. You should answer the question that the consumer is asking, “What purpose should I get/use this information/technology for?” You need to answer this question with practical results – You’ll say to them – [Example: This product will accomplish these things for you or it will allow you to…].

    C. You should answer the question that the consumer is asking, “How Does This Information work?” You should Answer This Question With Processes Or Systems. You’ll say, “Here’s how this information works – [This is how it produces its results].” (These people want to get inside of it; they want to understand how this information/technology thing is connected.)

    D. You should answer the question that the consumer is asking, “What If I Use This information/technology To…” You want to answer this question by suggesting, ‘Here’s how you can use this product in ways other than the obvious.’ So, what you’ll say to an Advocate or a Marketer, “Here’s how you can use this information/technology to improve yourself, improve people’s life, or make money,” for example.


    You need to Cover These Points in the following order for Maximum Effectiveness:

    • Why You Should Buy This Product.
    • How This Product Will Benefit You Personally.
    • What This Product Will Do &
    • What It Will Do For You.
    • What This Product Will Practically Accomplish.
    • How This Product Does What It Does.
    • What You Can Do With This Product
    • All Of The Things You Can Do With This Product.


    • Beyond This Site. Are There Other Learning Materials/Services/Events You Would Like?

    Other learning materials I would like to see combined with this site/technology are: Hypnosis, NLP, Design Human Engineering (DHE), Seduction, Persuasion, Influence, Hypnotic Sales, Hypnotic Marketing, Emotional Appeal, Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning (NHR), Charisma Enhancement, Advanced Learning, Cybernetic Transposition, etc.


    James Stibbs

  • Michelle White says:

    Being a NLP coaching student at the post-master level and having just bought your book about Clean Language, I was extatic when I saw an email from Andy Smith giving information about this course. It’s so timely for me. Thank you very much.
    Michelle White, USA

  • Julien GARBEE says:

    Hi ! I’m Julien, from France. I teach English to adults and youngsters and I am always looking for more effective ways to help people learn more easily and discover new ways to improve their lives and discover new free ways of thinking instead of following the mass in an automatic way. That’s what I would like to have happen !

    I’ve just discovered Clean Language and can’t help linking it to NLP with the metaprogram and Erickson’s “anti metaprogram” and metaphors, and I’m keen to keep learning.

    I have no idea how you could improve this site as it’s really already so informative. Maybe with a couple more videos ?

    I’m going to have a look at the books mentioned in the Background Materials section and may leave feedback about it.

    Thanks again for all this precious gift to always more and better,


  • David Penn says:

    I would like to be able to get inside the head of my family, friends, co-workers, and myself. Aging parents and troubled friends could use some understanding. My job has me living with a living with a partner for a week at a time in confined quarters, and rapport with the boss is always nice.
    I am also wondering how this method may help me discover something about my own quest for meaning… Hmmm.
    So far, I find this very stimulating. I like your chunk-size of your videos. They are concise and relevant. You seem very interested in the cause, and I appreciate your work here! I’ll be tuning in frequently.

  • Scott Byiers says:

    I am a coach and trainer and I am excited to learn Clean Language to incorporate into my coaching practice.

  • keith menchel says:

    Hi, I am Keith Menchel. I am a Consulting Hypnotist working and living in Richmond, Virginia. I think that y’all have a city named after us! I tell stories, might as well make them as good as possible. As a matter of fact, that reminds me of a story…..

  • Judy Rees says:

    Welcome, one and all! Michael, I too have a “Richmond” story…
    There are at least a couple of places called Richmond in the UK. I live near the London one, while my husband used to live near the North Yorkshire one, 250 miles away at the other end of the country. Thanks to an accident with an internet dating site… the rest is history 🙂

  • kathryn swainson says:

    I would like to understand what people are saying more fully .

  • Neil Hitchcox says:

    Thanks for the 12 week offer. I hope that I can do it justice.

    My name is Neil I am starting a business (currently one day a week) using my skills in NLP, hypnotherapy. I want to learn the skills of Clean Language to help others.

    What would you like to have happen?
    I would like to assist people to access their resources to take them from where they are now to where they want to be. Working mainly with pain. Working with people living with chronic pain issues as well as people suffering from emotional pain. Working with them to find comfort.

    What kind of difference would you like to make by using Clean Language?
    I would like to use clean language to help find the resources that the client has or needs to be aware of to allow them to find comfort.

    And is there anything else about that difference?
    Learning to pick up on their metaphor to direct them to access or identify their resources.

    Hope that is what you are looking for Judy.

  • barrie singleton says:

    I would like to be instrumental in bringIng and end to The Age of Perversity by upending the power pyramid – putting mature wisdom at the top; gently deposing demon-driven juvenile Clever-glogs.

  • harald rothermel says:

    -i would like to be talking to people and find out what hinders them in going further with their lifes and offering them support on this quest.
    -helping persons to connect in a rapid way with their true persona, getting in touch with their feelings, thoughts and dreams.
    -i want to find ways to get into connection with people to talk to them and get to know more about their difficulties. and i want to loose fear in talking to persons.

  • Ken Scott says:

    What would you like to have happen?
    By the end of the period of study, to have a working protocol using clean language that I can use with clients. The success of this will be evidenced by more rapport with clients, better understanding by the clients of their view of the problem and more input from the clients towards the solution otf their problem
    What kind of difference would you like to make by using Clean Language?
    I seek to ask better questions that enable greater change in my clients. Currently I find that a scripted intervention is too rigid for more style, while a less formal one runs the risk of missing important information or process. I am looking to use clean language to free me from constrainnts of a script whilst still geting great results using the power of NLP
    And is there anything else about that difference?
    I feel a more conversational style of intervention whilst usiong clean language to avoid ‘polluting’ the clients landscape with my metapors and preconceptions. I feel it will also help me in my own life and busioness dealings

  • George Smith says:

    My name is George and I am a practising Cognitive Behavioual Therapist specialising in the provision of a threapeutic approach to the treatment of depression. Within my practice I have developed a very adaptive approach to therapy and endeavour at all times to utilise the therapeutic modality that appears to set best with the client. This may involve a C.B.T. approach or elements on N.L.P., Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Integral Eye Movement Therapy, Ego State Therapy or some other modality available to me; the most important aspect that I provide a client centred approach to the problem presented by the client.

    What would I like to have happen

    I would like to develop a working knowledge and ability to incoroprate the Clean Language process as an integral part of my overall therapeutic approach the problem areas presented by client’s.

    What Kind of difference would you like to make by using clean language.

    The difference I would like to make is in the “difference” – in that clean language becomes the difference that is the difference that enhances the quality and provision of tharapeutic assistnace that is offered to clients who attend my practice.

    and is there anything else about that difference

    that difference provides a “threshold” in which the awareness of difference will be that, that was not there prior to clean language and that which was developed in the future whereby the difference that was recognised by all invovled will be “Clean Language”

  • Lucky 007 says:

    Who reads my comments?

  • Judy Rees says:

    Lucky, I do, for one! At the time of writing there are 787 members here, so who knows who might read them…

  • hans van laake says:

    what would I like to have happen?

    I want to learn to use CL in therapeutic conversations. Ik wil to learn to do therapy in a clean way. Ik want to feel comfortable while I invite people to speak in metafor about their problems and their goals. I want to feel capable doing that. I have the feeling that people find it strange to speak about themselves in this manner – and that they rather would not.

    What kind of difference would you like to make by using Clean Language?

    I want to help people to understand and accept themselves better, and that they deal with their situations in a more creative way; in a way that gives more expression to what for that person is important and valuable.
    I also want to promote other therapists using CL

    And is there anything else about that difference?

    I want to help people experience that change can happen quickly, that it doesn’t have to take years. Ik also want to stimulate people’s sense of autonomy.

  • hans van laake says:

    PS Sorry for the use of “ik” instead of “I” in different places in my answer. I am a Dutch guy who lived for 23 years in the USA and now I am trying to understand others and make myself understood in Flanders, Belgium, where they have a different dialect for each city and each town it seems! I am finding it difficult at times to translate the clean questions to Dutch, eg the question “and that is …. like what?”
    One strategy that I want to use while learning online here is to answer any questions first in Dutch, then translate the answers to English to post them here. So that produced already something interesting: I literally did not see that I included some Dutch words in my English translation until after I posted it!
    By the way, great initiative Judy, to put up this site!


  • Judy Rees says:

    Hans, welcome, and thanks for taking up the challenge of using Clean.

    For a number of reasons, translating the Clean Language questions into Dutch proved a challenge for many people, but I think this translation of the questions is now being used by most: http://bit.ly/MaRYfT

    Hope it helps. J

  • hans van laake says:

    Hi Judy
    It’s been a few days now that I’ve been perusing your beautiful site, so I can give a first little bit of feedback on improving your site:

    First of all, I think your site is fantastic! The wealth of information plus all the references are staggering! I also really like how you use “six” in the structure of your site! I don’t quite know what to think about the significance of the number six (other than that I feel somewhat sceptical), but I appreciate the consistency of the message, explicit or implicit, that six is important and meaningful.

    As far as improving the site:
    I would love to see a centralized forum where topics could be discussed, experiences exchanged, questions asked, appreciations voiced, etc etc, all in one place where you can easily navigate and explore.
    Also, I think it is in the section on Conversational Clean that you link to an article that one actually has to pay for to read it. It disappointed me a bit; I would not have minded this if it was included in “further recommended readings”, but it seemed to cause a tiny discordant note in the promise of “learning CL for free”.
    My advice would be to keep the main links indeed “free”, and then add things people have to pay for in an addendum.

    I wonder if it’s okay to use these comment areas as a variant of ‘clean spaces’ and return to the different spaces more or less regularly to review what we know from this/that space now?


  • Judy Rees says:

    Hi Hans, many thanks for your comments – and indeed for your appreciation.

    I’ve just done a quick bit of research about adding a forum, and it turns out that what I thought would be a major nightmare is actually, technically, relatively simple. But of course that gives me a headache about what to do with the existing comments and questions, and how it would affect the “six” structure… watch this space.

    I don’t know whether you know that David Grove, towards the end of his life, became obsessed with the “power of six” and was convinced that it was highly relevant to the way networks worked. Like you, I’m skeptical, but when the content here started to fall into categories that added up to “sixes” I decided to go with the flow 🙂

    I’ll check out the paid content link. My intention is that anything you have to pay for here, such as books and ebooks, is clearly marked as such. Either they’ll be in a pale blue box on the page, or they’ll be denoted by a recognisable advert in the left-hand column, or in the ‘special offers and events” section. If things are not like that, please shout.

    Naturally enough, I do expect that some paid-for events, courses etc will emerge from this website – my dream is that loads of members will want to take their studies, and application, of Clean Language a lot further than this site can take them. There’s a lot here, but it still only scratches the surface!

  • Pedro Di Giacomo says:

    My goal is still to use clean language in my hypnotherapy practice.

  • Pip Barlow says:

    A.To use this process as a major tool in my role as a healer/drug worker.

    B.More of my client in the room less of me.

    C. My clients to feel empowered.

  • Imran Ali says:

    My name is Imran and I’m from Birmingham,UK. I am in the process of changing careers and I want to become a full time Massage therapist. I like helping people and would love to make a career out of it whether they have a physical problem or any other.

    What would you like to have happen?

    Well, I would like to see if I can use the clean language questions and incorporate them in my massage therapy, specifically whilst I’m treating someone and see what the difference would be compared to my current method of treatment. Also to use the clean language questioning to to see how far I can excel with them in different areas of my life.

    What kind of difference would you like to make by using Clean Language?

    I would like to try and help people including myself as well but firstly people who are much worse off to move away from there problems and to get them to realise their potential within themselves.
    To see if I can accelerate the effectiveness of my treatment.

    And is there anything else about that difference?

    How far can it go? The more I read about the mind, body and soul (if you believe in it) and how connected there all are, the more the ‘percieved’ boundaries of change, healing and excellence is being pushed further and further away-in short the sky is not the limit….were can we go with this?

  • irlan rahardja says:

    My name is Irlan Rahardja, Master NLP and Education Coach – Indonesia

    It seems to be amazing, asking 2 Lazy Jedi questions, one will reveal his or her own motivation drive by saying with metaphors. I have done asking myself using those 2 questions and I get the results. And as a school coach I want to share with anybody who wants to develop their talent especially in teaching students at schools or higher education.
    This must be important to improve the standard of education though I start from my own environment.

    Warm regards