2.4 Metaphors That Work

Transcript: Judy Rees at NLP Mindfest

Online Couse

The Mind Readers’ Guide To Metaphor

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  • keith menchel says:

    So, as we domesticated dogs, we should selectively breed chimps to develop their abilities. Was this a movie already?

  • Jill Humphreys says:

    Looking forward to putting this into practise..I have noticed how I,am saying very little but getting a whole bunch of information back..its been good using it with sales people..whether I,am buying or not…finding it all fasinating..and very valuable a tool for my coaching training, Thank you Judy..looking forward to the next video…becoming a sponge for knowledge of Clean Language..great metaphor there and so true xx

  • donna carron says:

    i do find this most interesting and will try to practice /develop my skills…starting with myself.