3.1 Clean Coaching Models

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Penny Tompkins and James Lawley (developers of the Framework For Change)

Lynne Cooper (co-developer of the Five-Minute Coach Model)

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  • john kelly says:

    I am thankful for these videos…I had been reading cleanlanguage.uk for some years now and have read Metaphors in mind by David Grove. I have done the !st Trainers Trainer with Bandler done a couple of Master Tracks with John Grinder, The Art languaging with Christina Hall, the practitioner with Art Giser, NS neuro-semantics with Micheal Hall, taken hypnosis courses and up until now the Clean languaging for self modeling coaching seems to get me closer to where I want to go…I especially enjoyed these 2 videos on coaching, (self coaching and applied with myself right away, gone from metaphoric landscapes interconnecting and with others today and let the emergent knowledge unfold!) and what a treat on “Hypnosis without a trance” with Tripp..great stuff!

  • Lucky 007 says:

    Now that you talked about it, show it. Especially the framework for change.

  • Adrienne Isnard says:

    I liked both very much – very helpful. Nice to have the examples to work with. I am keen to delve more into these.