4.2 Persuasive Metaphors

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Why Persuaders Love Metaphor

Cialdini And The Weapons Of Influence

Why Does Metaphor Matter?

Who’s Pulling Your Strings?

Metaphors And Motivation

Metaphors In Problem Solving

Obama’s Announcement: Using Metaphors To Control Attention

Infectious Metaphors

Thinking Bodies


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  • Philip Barlow says:

    Excellent I shall adapt my metaphor work accordingly

  • Magnus Andersson says:

    Very interresting!
    Regarding the metaphor “big = important” in the first video: Your image of a BIG book, representing your 24-page e-bok on persuasion, signals to me that the book is important.


  • Magnus Andersson says:

    …follow up on last post…
    If the image would have been “more true”, showing a 24-page booklet/magazine, it maybe would’nt give the impression of something contining important stuff.

  • Judy Rees says:

    Hmm, interesting, Marcus. I wonder what kind of image would be “truest” – after all at one level an ebook is just a string of 0s and 1s, or a series of electrical impulses 🙂