4.5 Examples And Activities

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  • Adis Delić says:

    Does make sense, hypnotists at least some, use expectations when they play around as in they expect a certain response from their partner and so their partner expects an outcome as well, dont think evryone uses it but still his approach does hold benefit for clean language facilitators as well

  • john kelly says:

    This is straight forward and very enlightening I don’t know about useful yet because I haven’t applied it ….and I can see its value…thanks James and Judy for making this available…john k.

  • Philip Barlow says:

    This is right on the button for me therapist in my experience frequently chase unrealistic outcomes and miss the details that indicate change. I most definitely expect my clients to smile more and it’s a promise I can deliver on! : )

  • Adrienne Isnard says:

    I enjoyed what he was saying but when considering doing the exercise I feel queasy and notice I am baulking at doing it. So I will give it a go and am curious about why I am feeling so nervous about what I will discover – my feeling at the moment is that my skills are still fairly new and I am not trusting enough in myself, despite some good results. Perhaps it is because each person I meet is so competely different how can I guarantee that they will get the same results I promise. Or is he saying that if I can tell the person hasn’t taken the pill – sometimes the case – then I can dismiss the result and put the blame on the person. There are people who will say, in regards to hypnotherapy for weightloss for example – I didnt get the result you promised – and then I find out that person had not done any of the things required (i.e. taken the pill of “eat less, eat less often and …. exercise! yes, they rarely bother with the exercise …. ) or listened to the self hypnosis booster tapes or some such thing. But at the end of the day I do want to be able to guarantee I can deliver on my promises. And I think using clean language, the metaphors of the client, I will be able to be much more effective.