5.2 More Clean(ish) Questions

The Specialised Clean Language Questions


  • (And) does X have a size or a shape?
  • (And) how many X’s could there be?
  • (And) how old could X be?
  • (And) what could X be wearing?


  • (And) how far is [symbol’s address]?
  • (And) in which direction is/does [symbol’s movement]?
  • (And) is X (on the) inside or outside?
  • (And) where is X [perceiving word, e.g. ‘seeing’] that from?
  • (And) where are you going when you go there?
  • (And) where are you drawn to?


  • (And) is X the same or different as/to Y?
  • (And) what’s between X and Y?


  • (And) would Y like [intention of X]?
  • (And) would X be interested in going to Y?

Time and Sequence

  • (And) what’s happening now?
  • (And) what just happened?
  • (And) what kind of X was that X before it was [attribute of X]?


  • (And) what determines whether X or Y?


  • (And) how do/will you know?

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